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Meet The Team


Andrea Porter | Co-Founder

With over 13 years of experience engaging in program and change management, strategic planning, and public relations for the defense, security, and higher education policy sectors, Andrea is a collaborative and creative communications leader who thinks at a strategic level and can also operate at a tactical level. She can turn complex research language into simple, streamlined messages and handles complex operations and processes with ease. 


Ms. Porter holds a B.A. in International Communications AD/PR from Texas Christian University, an M.A. in International Communications from American University and an Executive MBA from Georgetown University.


Jayna Gunderson  |  Co-Founder

A visionary and decisive leader with over 15 years of experience serving in the Federal Government and Department of Defense, Jayna loves a challenge and brings an innovative approach to surpassing the status quo. She embraces vision not seen by others and focuses on the big picture and bottom-line results.


Ms. Gunderson holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech, and an Executive MBA from Georgetown University, along with Program Management and  Systems Engineering certificates from Defense Acquisition University.

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