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Our Expertise

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Do you need help with developing a new strategy or executing your next project? Let us guide you.


In today’s rapidly changing world, it is important to find a partner that is willing to custom develop strategies to fit you and your customer’s needs. We take pride in building strategies that are tailored to your needs and your costumer's experience.  

A well defined and holistic business strategy will ensure that your business is strategically positioned to gain a competitive advantage within your industry and achieve success. By defining and using your organization’s priorities, mission, values, and goals in mind, we will establish the right innovative and creative business strategy that will strengthen your business, and propel you forward to achieve growth.


Program and Change Management

Are you looking to grow or implement change within your business but not sure where to start?  At Business Intelligence Strategy Group, we provide tailored program management and change management solutions for small and large businesses


We provide a complete program management service from the cradle to the grave. Every program is unique, and to be successful, it requires critical thinking and data-driven strategies during all phases of program management. We focus on applying a sound technical and business approach to the design and management of complex programs from conception to completion. We ensure that all programs or organizational changes are aligned with your business goals, your culture and reach successful execution and closeout.  

Strategic Marketing and Communications

An integrated marketing communications strategy is the unification of public relations, marketing, and advertising strategies. At Business Intelligence Strategy Group, we focus on building integrated marketing strategies that are aligned with an organization’s mission, goals, and objectives and utilize streamlined messages across multiple channels. We have also successfully built strategic communications teams from the ground up, helping organizations build internal capacity for the long term. Whether you need us to help you build your integrated marketing plan, coordinate a radio and tv media tour or build and implement a digital communications strategy (web, social media, blog, video, email marketing), we are here to help.

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